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The best BMW R100 money can buy

The restomod is a relatively recent phenomenon in the collector world. These new motorcycles mix old and new technology to create the best of both worlds, matching classic styling with modern comfort, performance and reliability. Here’s the Renard Speed Shop’s interpretation of the ultimate Cafe Racer.

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It’s one thing to look at a classic motorcycle and enjoy its styling, but it’s quite another thing to ride one. Floaty suspensions, drum brakes and heavy steering all conspire to make the bike positively scary to ride around town. Restomodding addresses these issues by going a step further, using new parts which make these classic BMWs truly usable as daily drivers. Renard has taken a step even further than that and created the ultimate Cafe Racer with top of the line parts from the best makers.

Engine – 1000cc Renard Custom Engine offers smooth and powerful riding performance and giant torque straight from the low revs. Approximately 80HP and 95Nm torque gurantees lots of fun.

Brakes – Like the upgraded engine, a new set of Beringer disc brakes offer numerous improvements. Six piston billet aluminium monoblock callipers and semi-floating 320mm discs are fade-free and give great response compared to the stock ones.

Suspension – By replacing the original BMW parts with Ceriani type fork and rear shocks we take a step further and equip the bike with a full 3-way adjustable classic racing spec suspension.

Electronics – Classical looking digital head unit provides the rider with ulitame comfort and visibility. Modernized electric system provides encrypted Keyless Go function, Ping! locating system and full control over the bike via smartphone and app.

Classic and timeless

Renard-BMW R100 is hand built factory racer-style bike with great riding properties. Hand manufactured lightweight motorcycle, designed with a simple and classical approach. If the bike whipped past you in a blur of speed on a country road, you’d struggle to tell which era it came from. But up close, the quality craftsmanship snaps into sharp focus.

We carefully choose materials and components we use, time period correct parts but newely produced – Tarrozzi foot controls, Dellorto carbs, Hatech exhaust systems. Petrol tank and body panels are made from aluminum, so they could be either painted or polished to have that special “aviation” look. We use natural leather for making our seats. Even the helmet and riding jacket can be ordered according your bike colos sheme and your personal measures. With superb finishing quality this bike is available starting from 55 000.- euros.

Renard Speed Shop believes a motorcycle should be more than just transportation. Our intention is to create something more than a bike, our goal is to create the ultimate ride.

Reserve yours and let’s talk about your future classic

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