The Edwin brand was created from its founder Mr Tsunemi’s love of denim, beginning in Japan in 1947. At the point of the brand’s inception, denim was not made in Japan, it had to be imported from the US but without the worn, rugged finish that Mr Tsunemi longed for.
It was this that spurred him on to manufacture his own denim, one of the highest quality he could muster and to his exacting specifications. After this process was refined came the very first pair of Edwin jeans in 1961. The variety and innovation behind the different washes made Edwin jeans unique. Mr Tsunemi favoured the worn, aged denim of vintage American styles; this lead him to finish denim differently, to remove the need to wear in jeans to get that longed-for style.
It wasn’t until the 1980s when he patented a technique that changed the world of denim forever. Mr Tsunemi invented stone-washing, a technique that is used by denim manufacturers across the world, making Edwin jeans a pivotal part of denim history.