BMW R90/6

BMW R90/6


Renard Speed Shop, a well known Estonian company, has now been building custom motorcycles for years. Looking at their latest BMW R90/6 they have really stepped it up. It was their first ever factory racer build and Andres, The owner of Renard Speed Shop, made it clear that he wanted the bike to be slick and visually pleasing as well as rideable. “The main goal was to build a factory racer style bike that still had great riding properties, and I think that it turned out Great!” It is a true gentleman’s ride.



It was a conscious decision to pick a common BMW R90 and turn it into something never seen before. Altho the bike was in a good condition guys in Renard decided to break it apart and modify everything. They started by putting the bike on a diet, a Moto Guzzi Vt Special gas tank was cut up and rewelded to give it a classic cafe racer look. After that the gas tank became 10cm narrower and about 15cm longer. The rear end was also narrowed to match the tank in a perfect harmony. The front shocks were shortened to give it a true racer look. And of course a perfectly matching leather seat to seal the deal.


The motor was completely overhauled and the airbox got some attractive air intake trumpets. Andres says that he finds it weird that no one has ever come up with such a solution. The rear shocks were custom made and re positioned. The old brakes were replaced with new Beringer brake and clutch systems added with the Renard switch gears. The whole bike was wired to Motogadget M-Unit and the old kick-starter was replaced with electronic ignition. The battery was placed in a custom made box that was mounted to the frame under the gearbox. They also used a Motogadget speedometer that was fitted to the bike with specially made mounting plate.


The foot pegs are made by Tarrozzi. The mounting system for them as well as the gear lever were custom made from stainless steel.


The wheels have been customized. In the rear Borrani rim ring is fitted with the original wheel system. In the front a Borrani rim ring was used with a Triumph Bonneville system.

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  • Jess Bendixen

    This BMW R90 is absolute stunning, is it for sale?


    • Hi Jess.
      Thank you for your kind words but this BMW has already found an owner.

  • David

    This is absolutely the best looking airhead build I’ve seen. Who makes the tail piece? Would you consider building another one on commission, and if so, what would be the cost?

    • Thank you. The tail piece was afterstock but we modified it.
      We may consider building another. Please send us your info (the donor bike, budget etc.) via mail.

  • Adam Arcane

    The best custom airhead to date. Bravo!

  • rainer

    This is it ! Great work guys !!!

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