Biltwell, Bonanza, Flat Black, Open Face Helmet

Bonanza, Flat Black

101,6 Inc. Vat

Flat Black, 3/4 open face helmet, DOT approved

Raw and uncivilized horsepower is what matches this helmet, a clear reminiscent of racers in the times where there was no substitute for cubic inches

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“On the highway, the Bonanza feels protective without catching the wind or weighing on my neck. With the bubble shield attached, I get protection from road debris without losing any of the open-air sensation riding with an open-face provides.”  -motorcycle. com

“The Bonanza is without a doubt the lightest, most comfortable open-face I’ve worn. And when I catch myself in a reflection, I don’t see The Great Gazoo staring back.”  -Jon Langston



Biltwell make the parts and accessories that make riding and building custom motorcycles more fun.


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