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Icon 1000, Prep, Stealth, Riding Boots

Prep, Stealth

224,9 Inc. Vat

Retrograde engineering, a hallmark of the ICON1000 design ethos. Historically significant silhouettes er-imagined with modern materials and constructive techniques. And then given a personal twist of moto-apocalyptic 80s fever dreams.



ICON 1000

Retro cues & future tech define the ICON 1000 design ethos. An eclectic mix of bespoke tailoring set within the dystopian landscape of ‘One Possible Future'. Ours is a concrete couture stitched together with sheer intestinal fortitude. Scavenging the outer rim and pillaging the unroadworthy, we are the fist that strikes and the tie that binds. A vast moto horde, astride superbikes of our own creation, operating outside the perimeter of polite motorcycle society. High velocity gear for low intensity conflicts. Remember us when you look at the night sky.


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